Mainland Products, Inc.

Custom Molds for the Plastic Industry



The Mainland Products, Inc. experience begins with our obsession to detail in the consulting and design stage and ends with the highest quality end product to meet your project's exact specifications. Keeping your timeframe, quality consciousness, and budget in mind—we deliver!

Consulting and Design

Our talented staff takes the time to listen to you and your project's needs. A thorough consulting session determines the scope of the project. Then the design process begins. We use conventional drawings and 3D Cad software to create the perfect pattern design for your unique application. It would be unfair to say that we offer a wide-range of designs…in truth; we offer an endless range of custom designs.

Model and Pattern Production

Once constructed, the approved pattern moves on to production. Our highly skilled patternmakers construct your master models to your exact specifications. Using superior materials, master models are constructed out of wood, composites or foam and serve as the base to your Rotomolded part. The following in-house methods help us achieve the best end results:

In House Foundry

Offering fast, rapid prototyping due to our in house foundry, Mainland Products produces the finest quality castings for your rotational mold.

Complete Mold Shop

Unfinished castings proceed from the foundry to the mold machine shop for assembly. We provide a wide range of operations and services which are performed by knowledgeable and experienced bench men, machinists and welders who are held up to Mainland Products' high standards of excellence. Our in-house Mold Shop services include, but are not limited to:

Custom Spider and Frame Fabricating

Frames are custom created for each customer's rotational machinery and profile.

Surface Shotpeen Texture

We offer three Shotpeen textures: 0.125 Shot, 0.55 Shot, and 0.33 shot in various pressures.

Mold Glass Cleaning

Glass cleaning and Teflon coating is available.

Mold Repairs and Refurbishing

Molds can be revised to fit the customer's changing needs. Mold maintenance is an important consideration because it extends the life of the mold. Mainland Products can repair fabricated molds, cast molds, reframe, routing plates, do new spider construction, and more—just ask and we will try to make it happen. Going above and beyond, we also test the mold to ensure its superior long-lasting quality.